Sie betrachten sich im Videofeedback und erleben, wie gut Sie klingen und aussehen, wenn Sie sich nur Ihre Sache lebendig vorstellen.  Dann sehen Sie echt aus. Das merken Sie sich. Daran werden Sie sich später erinnern.

Diese Erinnerung macht Sie stark. Dann sind Sie sicher. Sicher reden ist wie Fahrradfahren. Wenn man es mal kann, verlernt man es nie.

Appraisal: Tell your neighbour, what you like about them. This innocent exercise allows everyone to feel comfortable. So, usually many people are as good as they can be. They are not inhibited. They are free and natural as their imagination develops something they enjoy.

An absurd theme: “Pretend, that only you should be the best to train the national football team.” Or – “Run for President. Why are you the one to lead the nation?” Or – “Pretend you have developed this pill you are holding in your hand that can cure something so many people in the world suffer from.”

Or – “Take this pen in your hand and explain, that this is a magic wand, then sell it to me.” Or – “Jump! Try to convince your neighbour to sacrifice him or herself for another’s benefit. Like: Jump out of this hot air balloon. It’s too heavy. Otherwise, we will sink and crash. Jump to save the kids in the balloon.” This nonsense is precious. As you are developing some absurd reasoning, your language, voice and gestures come along most naturally. You just do not spare the time to pay attention to yourself and how you appear. You are busy making up the story.

When you are winding back the video and watching yourself you will learn how good you can sound and look as you are talking, as long as you are concentrated on the content, and the content is fun. You are looking as good as you possibly can. This implements a very strong and positive image of yourself in your memory. Whenever you present later on, in some different context, you will always remember how you sound and look. More

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