Sie respektieren sich. Wenn Sie im Videofeedback hören und sehen, wie Sie klingen und aussehen, werden Sie sich kennenlernen, akzeptieren und respektieren. Sie sind erstmal ok so. Dann spielen Sie rum und probieren aus, was sonst noch geht. Dafür habe ich verschiedene Spiele und Themen für einzelne und Gruppen. Dabei entwickeln Sie im Laufe der Zeit Stärken, die Sie an sich noch nie gesehen haben. Mehr…

Video Feedback© s a training method, that strengthens your presentation skills. After Video Feedback© training, you no longer worry about how you come across. Your mind is free to concentrate on the subject matter at hand and on the people you are presenting to. If you know how you sound and look as you talk and move, you no longer worry about yourself.

Currently, you do not. You just know how your face looks with your beauty mark on your right cheek in the mirror, as you are brushing your teeth. If you are looking at a photo with your beauty mark on your left cheek, you feel irritated. You know your voice as you hear it through your head while you are talking. But if you hear it played back on an answering machine, it seems awkward, foreign. That is how little you know of your own voice and face.

However, you do know your own hand. Hold your right hand up stretching out three fingers as if to swear to God, and then cross the fingers of your left hand behind your back, as if you were lying. Your hands know how to do that. You do not need visual feedback to perform this action or to count your fingers. You have a perfect image of your hands in your mind, because you grew up watching them play, write or repair your bike.

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